Quest totilla protein chips

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Lets talk about Quest totilla protein chips, If you're expecting Doritos, you should know better... but it doesn’t taste like a protein snack or a diet low carb food, it just tastes very good.

For 140 ticked all my salty/spicy/savory/crunchy boxes and kept me on track for making better choices, for the few carbs in it, it’s worth it to pay more initially for a snack than pay more later from gaining weight or having blood sugar issues from eating junk snacks. I like the nacho and the ranch flavor best. One of the best low carb, crunchy protein snack out there.

I keep these on subscribe and save because it’s worth to have them around when I get in the mood for junk food, but don’t want to actually eat junk. Plus they fill me up better than an equal portion of Doritos or similar chips.

Get them on amazon here:

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