Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, Sour Cream & Onion

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The flavor is pretty close to a dorrito style flavor. The chips themselves are a little thinner than Doritos, the consistency is a little airier and less crunchy but it's a Low Carb food, so what can you expect? So far, these actually fulfilled that crunch craving, they also high protein, low carb and low fat. It amazes me that they have 19 grams of protein....

Don't expect to be able to dip into something without being extremely careful as they are brittle. The chip has so much flavor you dont really need a dip. Of course they aren’t like regular chips, but after being on a strict dieting and checking ketones, this was a treat!

Some of them do get a little crushed during shipping but I dont mind and these also make excellent "breading" for keto baked chicken nuggets.

Fantastic to have some chips to eat with a keto wrap or salad, that keeps you in ketosis!!!

As great as these are!! They are pricey, but they're helping me from gaining back the weight I lost. If you're seriously into a keto lifestyle, then you know that one little bag of these (even half a bag) satisfies you. A couple times a week is all you're inclined to want them.

You can buy this here on amazon:

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