Protein Puffs Nacho Cheese

Opdateret: 16. jul.

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Wow! I’ve missed cheese balls... but not anymore!!!!

I open them the moment they arrived for a taste and they are FANTASTIC! Delicious, texture reminds me of cheetos, salty and crunchy....the CRUNCH is amazing!!!

These 'balls' are like the size of a pea. Not the big, fat cheese balls you get in the tub at Walmart. Who cares, right?.

There’s no weird smell like others have said. It smells like cheesy doritos. It reminds me of cheetos but with a slight garlic parm flavor and not as cheesy as a cheese ball. But it’s yummy.

If you’re looking for junk food this obviously doesn’t taste like a greasy carb ridden cheese ball. They taste like a HEALTHY small Cheeto puff.

I want to keep eating them.

Get these on amazon here:

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