Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar | Dark Chocolate Cocoa

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First off, the one bar i tried was exceptionally good..

I don’t know about the rest of you but I like my granola bars to feel a little more on the firm side, this bar was soft and flimsy wicth is a huge red flag for me. Tried it anyway's.... this bar was so delicious ..I usually inhale food but I had to savor this ..took my time ..even looked down at it was chewy but somehow crunch at the same time... the consistency and moistness was fantasti.

I really want to lose some weight and want to commit to a healthier set of eating habits and these bars have completely solidified themselves onto my roster of “in desperate need” of a snack moochentoochens.

Just what I was looking for to keep me on track when I need a snack in a hurry. Great ingredients and nice low carb count, too!

I've tried at least a dozen other bars—some chalky and dry, some so oily they left stains all over the place. Munk bars, though, are more similar to regular chewy granola bars; there's none of the putty-like consistency of Quest and similar bars, and none of the crumbly, powdery texture of some others. Instead, they're tasty, chewy and don't have any artificial flavor.

These bars are small and you might think they're not enough to satisfy, but I take small bites and chew thoroughly and don't feel cheated when I'm done. In addition, they're pricey for four small bars in a box; there could easily be six or eight bars in the same size box. Everything that's good for you seems to be expensive. Hopefully that will change one day. We shouldn't have to spend so much money on high quality foods.

Having said that, though, I don't mind paying for products I like. And to get some tasty variety in my sometimes-repetitive keto regimen, it's worth it for me.

Get this on amazon here:

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