Keto nut granola

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Keto nut granola is the first keto friendly food that tasted good for me.These people know what they are doing. Sooooo Delicious. This is a good, to the point that I had to question if it was really keto friendly lol. Because it tastes just as good as a regular non-keto product. So you get the great flavor with the healthier choice for your diet or eating lifestyle...I missed cold cereal so much on the Keto diet..just love this!

I enjoy it with nut milks but most of the time in two good yogurt, I add it to the Chobani Hint of Cherry, Blueberry yogurt and it gives you satisfying crunch, without all those pesky carbs.

I will definitely recommend these granolas and will continue to buy them. Currently, I have cocoa, strawberry & vanilla and blueberry & vanilla and love them all!

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