Fat Snax Low-Carb Keto Crackers

Opdateret: 16. jul.

Get them on amazon here: https://amzn.to/3OveTHs

They are crunchy, cheesey and salty and HEALTHY! They remind me of cheez,If you are looking for a comparison, they're about the size of wheat thins, with a similar flavor. My one con is that these amazing snacks exist.They are tasty right out of the bag on their own AND they hold up amazing in thicker or chunkier dips, I also like the fact that you can have 11 crackers for 1 carb.

Wow! Cheez-it cravings, SMASHED! FATSNAX really hit a home run with these crackers! Now I know I'll be a customer for life! I want everyone reading this to know that I am not addicted to these crackers, I'm not hooked. I can quit anytime I want. I'm an adult, I enjoy them, I'm not hurting anyone else, and there is nothing wrong with eating Fat Snax crackers. It says they are good for you in the ingredients list! Why else would I be enjoying a bag of them right now? Yummy.... delicious.. wait..why is my bag empty.. did someone take my crackers... I did not eat a whole bag.. 😂

Great job fat snax these are delicious! I don't have to worry about the bloat or kick out of ketosis. Bravo, ....... Bravo! I'm off to order.

Get them on amazon here: https://amzn.to/3OveTHs

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