Catalina Crunch Mix Creamy

Catalina Crunch Mix Creamy Ranch Keto Snack Mix

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This snacks containing 5g protein, 4g fiber, and 1g sugar per 1oz serving snacks

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Let's rewiev:

I love snacks, I've missed mix snacks as they are almost none existing in our keto world.

I am more of the "lazy keto" type and this hits the spot. I need a little crunch...The satisfaction of crunchy, nuts, pretzels, a little sweet and salty are Devine!

Catalina Crunch Mix tasted better than expected.... A little cheesier than Chex Mix but all the flavors are delicious (the spicy is actually spicy). Just wish the bags were bigger as I can accidently eat and entire bag.. ups.. Thankfully it has protein and it won't kill the carb bank...

These taste like chex mix, but more importantly, have the crunch that is key to snacking.

UNFORTUNATELY, The product is FULL of cereal product, I had a few nuts and only ONE PRETZEL in the WHOLE BAG!! Come on we need more pretzel then one in a whole bag.

This is perfect in moderation and it's HUGE on flavor........ But wouldn't hurt to add more pretzels.. I'm not complaning.. well ok just a little bit.. I lovvvveeee pretzzzeeelllsssss..

The cereal bits definitely does the trick in

making it very comparable to Chex Mix. I just

added some pretzels of my own and it’s perfect and it is filling as well.

If you are diabetic or following a keto diet then this is for you!!

This traditional snack mix is amazing!! It satisfies my craving without getting me off track...

Definite going in my pantry...

You Can Buy this snacks on amazon here:

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