BEAR Real Fruit Snack Minis

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So let's talk about BEAR Real Fruit Snack Minis..

I LOVE how clean these are, in terms of ingredients! My sweet tooth finally has a "safe" outlet!The Ingredients for the strawberry packs are apples, pears, strawberries and black carrot extract. The"sour" in these Sour yo-yo's literally comes from lemon juice. That's it!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Glad I can avoid the dreaded disgusting STEVIA.

They were not the texture I was expecting having grown up on fruit-by-the-foot, they're a bit tougher and chewier, though the flavor is delicious.

They make great snacks at work, school, and on lazy weekends at my desk. These rolls are also not sticky at all and have a soft texture that's perfect for giving to kids.

We need more companies that are willing to make children's snacks without questionable ingredients and processing. Love the cute adventure cards that are helping kids learn a bit about geography in a fun way, they are excited to open the packet with information on a new country. However, you get like 3-4 countries in one box that's too many copies..

Thoutgh I don't anderstand why this little yo-yo is in this oversized package. Just WHY???

Overall, I'm in love with these just want more natural keto snacks to buy..

I auto subscribed to this and other flavors because it's a staple in my household. Definitely would recommend.

Get these on amazon here:

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